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Motorcycle Courier / Car / Car Based Van

> For documents and small packages 10kg up to 120kg

Small Van Courier

> For packages or single euro pallets up to 1.05m high 1.2m wide, 1.4m long

> Load capacity up to 400kg

> Full PPE for deliveries to construction sites

Large Van Courier and light haulage

> Large capacity, for up to 3 full size pallets, or 5 Euro pallets

> Length 3m Height 1.5m Width 1.35-1.4m

> Load capacity up to 1300kg,

> Available with ramps for loading flight cases.

> Full PPE for deliveries to constructon sites.

Extra Large Van / Luton Van courier, light haulage, and oversize goods

> Extra large capacity for up to 4 full size pallets

> Load capacity from 900kg to 1200kg

> Available with tail-lift for convenient loading / unloading

> Load length 4 metres

> Full PPE